Designer handbags for moms!- The whats, whys, and hows

“Handbags speak louder than words!” — Gigi.

Designer handbags are more of a style statement and display richness and class rather than a mere accessory. Designer handbag designers like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc., create fashionable and stylish leather, suede handbags which is every woman’s dream. 

Being a new mother should never stop you from being trendy or fashionable, and there is no better way to prove it by showing off a luxury handbag in your outing or travel, or workplace.

Mom bags should not be stylish but also sturdy. It is crucial for mothers to buy durable handbags to make sure they last long, withstanding the rough use during travels or outings. It should be just enough to carry all the essential items to handle the needs of the kids and themselves. Just remember – those bags don’t have to be dull or ugly.

Designer handbags should not only be beautiful, but they are also sturdy and long-lasting, and if you choose wisely, you’ll have a spacious bag to store all your child’s travel needs.

Here are the top 7 picks for a mom’s designer handbags:

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest brands in designer handbags. The monogram canvas was designed by Louis’ son Georges. The Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 is very popular among celebrity moms across the world and has been trending ever since. The Speedy is a combination of ancient style with modern design, and you can go for the all-time favorite dark brown shade.

Dior Book Tote – Top designer handbag

In recent times, another name famous for designer handbags, Christian Dior, has introduced their ‘Dior’ printed canvas which was earlier known as Diorissimo. The right choice for the moms – this tote is amazingly functional, spacious, and trendy. Since the Book Tote was released, it has been selling like hotcakes and has been in high demand in the resale market.

Again, like all of these, this would definitely be a splurge and an investment, but I like the cloth material for travel and life in general.”

Prada Quilted Nylon Satchel

Another true gift that pampers the mommies is the designer handbags from Prada, which now has another stylish bag from their winter collection. This bag is a classic combination of elegance and space and can be used anywhere, from the workplace to shopping complexes and movies.

The quilted leather nylon bag complements women even in their 50s and beyond that.

designer handbags
PRADA- designer handbag

SAINT LAURENT Grained Leather Sac de Jour Medium Tote Handbag Black

This is one of the designer handbags which is the most varied bag for women. This bag acts as a perfect handbag for your workplace, which also has many compartments. This designer handbag helps you keep your items organized and can easily be retrieved without going through much hassle.

You could put this on your shoulder when you take your kids for the part too!You can also adjust the length of the bag by either carrying it with the long strap or by its short handles. 

Coach Large Borough Bag

This Borough bag is an ideal bag for all you working mother out there. Its long and sleek appearance makes it work-friendly, and its internal compartment pockets can contain all your child’s necessities easily. It comes with multiple pockets to keep your items organized according to your needs.

The large yet subtle logo adds to the elegance of the bag, making it even classier. Carry this bag around and feel like a boss-mama.You can have a look here.

Simone Camille Carry-all Bag

Another designer handbags which is a bling party bag but also satisfies for your kid’s needs. Designed with fancy beads and mirrors, this amazing bag is great for carrying all kinds of baby items when out to a party. Lightweight and easy to carry, this beautiful piece of art is an amazing feeling to carry around. It makes you feel young and excited.

COACH Women’s Camo Rose Taylor Tote

Amongst the other coach bags, the Camo Rose Taylor coach tote stands out because of its rich leather construction and an adorable floral design. Also, the designer handbag for ladies comes with exclusive features such as dual shoulder straps, boasts metal brand hardware and front zipper pocket, lined interior features zipper pocket, and two slip pockets.

In addition, the designer bag has enough space to accommodate your baby bottles, diapers, wipes plaices, wallet, glasses, and lotion. Basically everything a mother needs for whatever occasion.

designer handbags
COACH designer handbag

Here are some of the tips to choose designer handbags for everyday use for a mother:

Good quality leather

One of the top factors to consider while buying handbags is a good quality designer handbag. Make sure you buy good quality handbags. . We also spend a large budget for daily use on a handbag and use it for long longevity, so that the leather value can be picked out. Hence, choose the rich value of leather.

The right size and shape

Being a mother, it is not advisable to carry small bags or clutches on your outings or travel. It is very important to buy bags which are big and comfortable yet light weight. Carrying very big bags also means you could stuff in more items which can make it heavier. So make a wise choice of big bag which can hold the baby’s item as well as yours!

Multiple compartments

Traveling with infants and kids means more items to carry. Having multiple compartments or pockets within the bag helps you keep things organized and can be retrieved easily

Strap length

One of the important but ignored factors while considering buying bags is the strap length. Nowadays, almost all bags will have a belt or straps attached to them. This will help the mothers to carry it comfortably.

Depending on the number of items we carry, we need to decide on the length of the strap. More items to carry would mean longer straps so that it helps to carry the bags around hassle-free. Carrying a heavy bag with your hands could be tiresome. Small bags, however, can have a short or long belt depending on your carrying style. Your body is also a factor here. If you’re tall, you probably need a bag with not too long straps.

How to store and safeguard your designer handbags:

Given the fortune you spend on buying such high-quality bags, it is also essential to take care of them, so they last long and stand through testing times. But have you ever wondered how to safeguard such expensive handbags from getting spoilt? Have you ever thought of the best ways to store them at home when not in use?

Here are some tips to keep your designer handbags look brand new all the time.

Stuff the designer handbag bag with a dust cloth

When you are switching handbags, stuff the bag with a dust cloth filled with some old soft papers or tissues, this helps preserve the structure of the purse. Avoid stuffing newspapers as they may stain the inside fabric. You can also keep the bags inside the dust cover and hang them.

Arrange neatly in a cupboard with some breathing space

Always arrange your bags in a cool and dry place with few inches away from each other. This will help in avoiding discoloration and any chemical reactions on the bag’s surface. Also, avoid the stacking of bags.

Use bags within bags

It is always good to use small bags or purses to organize smaller things within big designer handbags. Makeup items, coins, and currencies can be used in zipped purses from spilling over in the bag. This will help you to reach things quickly and keep the bag’s frame sturdy.

No food items, please!

To safeguard your handbags, avoid keeping any food items or drinks in the handbags. You will not like a stinky and messy bag with food leftovers, right?

Careful when you are placing that bag

It would be best if you always were mindful about where you are keeping the bag when you are outside home. Avoid placing it on a hard surface or wet surfaces like a kitchen platform or dusty ground that could bleed the dye/color and stain your bag.

Moisture content in bags

During the winter season or when unused for a longer time, designer handbags tend to have moisture accumulated on their surface and inside. Remember the small silica gel sachet that comes in every bag? Please do not throw it away. This is important to absorb the moisture in the bag, so keep it in the pack always. To clean the water on the bag’s surface, use a soft cloth or tissue to wipe away the dirt.

These few affordable methods should help you take care of the bags in the long run. Show some love and care, and they will always shine like a new baby!

Reselling your designer handbags

Do you know you could resell your luxury handbags? Whether you’re in need of a few extra money or simply want to make space for something new in your closet, reselling some of the bags definitely helps.

Fortunately, secondhand luxury handbag market is thriving and purchasing and selling items has become a better experience for both buyers and sellers. These innovative digital marketplaces will do most of the work for you. In some cases, all you have to do is send them a few pictures of the item, and they’ll even cover the shipping costs. Finding those trustworthy retailers would have been hard to do back in the pre-internet days, but the best of the best is, literally, just a click away now.

Top tips to ensure you get a good reselling price for designer handbag

1 .Make sure you have the receipt, box and dustcover for your handbag

2. Click amazing photos while putting on the websites

3. You could take videos too of the bag

4. Have a clear description of the bag and stay authentic to the state of it.

Here are some of the places where you could resell you handbags.


You can upload few pictures of designer bag on this website and you can get an instant quote.This secondhand retailer has a great collection of bags and can give amazing payouts.


This is another amazing secondhand retailer website which not consists of designer handbags but also deals with watches and sneakers too.  Listing your item is easy: Either select to sell the bag in an auction or set a designated price for your items. There’s a 14.5% seller fee and a 3 percent payment processing fee, but that’s it. You get to keep the rest of the profits from the selling price.

What goes around comes around

You can list your items here by emailing the photos of your items. This retail site will buy your product immediately and you can receive a credit for the same. You don’t have to wait for someone else to purchase your bags!

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