Indian Keto diet – For weight loss and healthy living

“Indian Keto diet” – That’s the buzzword these days when it comes to weight loss. We see a lot of celebrities and fitness promoters swear by the life-changing -“Keto diet.” Let’s try to understand what a keto diet is and what Indian foods can be adapted to make it an “Indian Keto diet.”

Keto diet

In simple words, the keto diet means high fat, medium protein, and low carb diet. This diet ensures that carbs are replaced with fats and puts our body into a ketosis state. 

Ketosis is a process where the body burns fat and produces ketones, which acts a fuel to generate energy because of the lack of carbohydrates. Research says that the keto diet is efficient for weight loss and helps cure heart ailments, epilepsy, acne, diabetes, and other nervous system disorders.

Our own “Indian Keto diet.”

You will be amazed to know the amount of food we can consume in the Indian keto diet. Some of our daily dishes act as perfect keto food that can satisfy our taste buds and also enjoyable.

  • Vegetables that are used in the Keto diet are :

Some of the commonly available vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, capsicums, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, eggplant, ladyfinger, and broccoli and cucumbers can be used to prepare keto compliant dishes.

Indian keto diet
Indian Keto diet vegetables
  • Go green

Greens like mint, coriander, mustard leaves, spinach go well with the keto diet meal plan.

  • Let’s go nuts

Nuts and seeds play an essential role in preparing the keto meal plan. Nuts are rich in natural fats and can produce wonderful results for our bodies when consumed in the right amounts. Almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, pecans, pistachios, and cashews are some of the nuts that could be used in this diet.

Not only can this be added to the main dishes, but it can be a healthy snack too. Munch munch!!!

  • Tooty fruity

With fruits high on carbs, some of the fruits that can be consumed are watermelons, berries, and cherries.

Indian Keto meal plan

Monday – Day 1 Eggs with butter like omelets, Bulletproof Coffee, Paneer or Egg Bhurji 

Tuesday – Day 2 Any protein shake with fruits mentioned above, panner burji, Mint Chutney, Shallow Fried Cottage Cheese, Sarso Ka Saag

Wednesday – Day 3 Masala Omelette with Cheese, bulletproof coffee, Palak Paneer

Thursday – Day 4 Scrambled Eggs with vegan tofu burji, paneer burji, and salted peanuts as a snack

Friday – Day 5 Protein shake Shami Kebab with Greek Yogurt and Dahi tadka, Hard Boiled eggs, Zucchini Sabzi

Saturday – Day 6 Scrambled Eggs with Bulletproof Coffee Capsicum/Peppers stuffed with Cottage Cheese (Paneer), Broccoli Paneer burji

Sunday – Day 7 Protein shake, Paneer Tikka, vegetable curry

Indian Keto diet recipes:

Here I shall be sharing two recipes for the Indian Keto diet mentioned in the above list and also how to make a bulletproof coffee

Paneer Bhurji

 Paneer bhurji is a side dish used along with rice or roti in the Indian household. This dish consists of tomato, onions, and some Indian spices to make it more tasty and healthy.

Here is the recipe:

Step 1: In a big bowl, add 2 tsp of any oil and allow it to heat up

Step 2: Once the oil is hot, add sesame seeds and cumin seeds let them splutter.

Step 3: Then add cut ginger, garlic, green chili and saute for few seconds.

Step 4: Add onions and saute till they become soft and golden.

Step 5: Now add tomato and some of the Indian spices like turmeric powder, red chili powder,garam masala, salt, and mix well.

Step 6: Crumble the panner beforehand and add them to the big bowl.

Step 7: Mix well and garnish with some coriander leaves.

Now serve with hot roti or rice and enjoy the tasty food.

Cucumber Sabzi:

 A readily available vegetable in all Indian markets is cucumber. Another easy dish to prepare in less time is a keto-friendly and low carb-loaded with nutrients.

Step 1: Heat the pan with 2 tsp of oil

Step 2: Add cumin seeds and let them splutter

Step 3: To increase the spiciness, add the green chilies, grated garlic,hing, and curry leaves(optional)

Step 4: Add onions and saute till they turn golden brown.

Step 5: Add the cut cucumber chunks and allow them to cook for some time in low flame.

Step 6: Mix well and garnish with some coriander leaves.

Serve this food with roti and enjoy!

Bulletproof coffee

Here is the desi version of bulletproof coffee, which is a significant part of the Indian Keto diet. It is an amazing way to start your day full of energy and also keeps you satiated for a long time.

Items required for bulletproof coffee 

  • Any instant coffee powder(Nescafe, Levista)
  • Coconut Oil/Ghee/Butter(Amul)
  • Sugar-Free / Stevia drops


Step1: Boil a glass of water and add a teaspoon of coffee to it.

Step 2: After boiling for about a minute, add half a teaspoon of coconut oil to it.

Step 3: Use a strainer to get the coffee mixture

Step 4:This is an optional step. Add the artificial sweetener of your choice and stir.

Your bullet coffee is ready. However, please watch out while drinking the coffee right after straining it because it will be very hot, and you may burn your tongue. 

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What not to eat in an Indian Keto diet!

The keto diet principle says that only high fat, medium protein, and low carb food is allowed. Regular Indian food consists of primarily carbohydrates, which should be avoided when on this diet. One has to make a conscious decision on what foods to be avoided when on a keto diet.

Following are some of the foods that should not be part of your keto diet are:

1) Rice – Rice is rich in carbohydrates and a complete no-no.

2) Sugary items – Any packaged food item which contains sugar or any homemade dish that contains sugar should be avoided.

3) Wheat – Also high on carbs, wheat is not recommended in Keto.

4) Potatoes and sweet potatoes – These vegetables contain carbs and should not be a part of the diet.

5) Milk – Only certain forms of milk like unsweetened almond milk is allowed.

Keto for weight loss

An effective weight loss can happen with a combination of a good exercise routine and a keto diet. There are many advantages in following the Keto diet as there are a lot of food items easily available to prepare a keto-friendly diet.

Check out this blog to see the effective ways for reducing belly fat.

Do let me know your experience in following the “Indian Keto diet” in the comments below.

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  1. Not sustainable for long term fat loss.
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